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Talent is betting on tech

The European tech talent pool is deeper and more experienced than ever, as talent is recycled across the continent. Yet there is still a way to go; talent acquisition tops the list of challenges for founders, alongside fundraising. Many founders – particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds – are finding it as hard as ever to access capital.

03.1 Talent depth
Funding and talent remain the biggest challenges facing European tech – but the talent pool is strengthened by highly skilled veterans and young people willing to bet on tech.
Talent depth

03.2 Talent recycling
Europe has its strongest ever talent pipeline, with early-stage funding on par with the US. Talent recycling is more distributed than one might imagine, and the results can be seen in the wide distribution of the European 98 cities which are home to unicorns.
Talent recycling

03.3 Empowering a new generation
Belief in European tech talent is growing, and founders are re-investing in the leaders of tomorrow. But to truly empower the next generation, more work is needed to create a diverse and inclusive ecosystem.
Empowering a new generation
Talent depth