Europe, a global tech force

Record growth drives new milestones, both achieved and unmet

Europe is firmly positioned as a global tech player in 2021, with a record $100B of capital invested, 98 new unicorns, and the strongest ever startup pipeline, now on par with the US. European tech is creating value at its fastest pace, adding $1 trillion in just 8 months. While geographical differences in maturity level remain, talent mobility and distributed success is powering newer hubs.

02.1 Kicking into full gear
European tech is projected to break through $100B invested in a single year - 10x the level that got us excited in our first report in 2015. 2021 is a year of mega-rounds - with over 152 $100M+ rounds by September.
Kicking into full gear

02.2 Europe's next act
Even though its share of the global venture pie is expanding, there is still massive room for Europe to grow. Planet Positive and Deep Tech companies represent the fastest growing segments, and investors are interested. But VCs and founders have different views on macro risks.
Europe's next act

02.3 45 shades of Europe
London is still on top for tech investment - but founders believe physical location could be losing its importance. Estonia retains its place as the most entrepreneurial country in Europe - but raising capital is still hard for most. B2B, crypto & web3 and the creator economy are cementing as European strengths across the board.
45 shades of Europe
Kicking into full gear